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IDO (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering)

Buy new project tokens using $CAPY token. The project gets the $CAPY, Capybara DEX deducts the participation fees in $CAPY. You get the new project tokens.

  1. You will need locked $CAPY ($BARA) to participate in IDO.

  2. You will need unlocked $CAPY to buy project tokens.

  3. You will need to meet

How to buy $CAPY?

Option 1: Get crypto-currency on centralized exchange; then, convert them to $CAPY

  1. Get some cryptocurrency on Kaia chain:

  2. Convert to $CAPY on [link]. *Remember to save some $KLAY for gas fee later.

Option 2: Buy $KLAY directly; then, convert them to $CAPY

  1. Buy $KLAY on [link]

  2. Convert to $CAPY on [link]. *Remember to save some $KLAY for gas fee later.

How to lock $CAPY to get $BARA?

  1. Go to [link].

  2. Lock your $CAPY to get $BARA.

  3. The longer duration you lock it, the more $BARA you get; alternatively, you can also lock in more amount of $CAPY for a shorter duration.

  4. *You will need unlocked $CAPY to buy new project tokens on the day of IDO.

How to check your maximum allocation (how many tokens you can buy)?

  1. Go to [link] to participate in winning IDO allocation with your $BARA (locked $CAPY).

  2. Your maximum allocation amount is your $BARA * (multiplier). Each IDO has different multiplier but default is at around 7. For example, if you have 10 $BARA and the IDO multiplier is 7, your maximum allocation is 70. This means you can purchase a maximum of 70 project tokens.

  3. On IDO allocation announcement date, go to [link] to check your allocation (maximum amount of project tokens you can buy).

  4. Make sure you have enough $CAPY (*$BARA doesn’t count) on the IDO sale date to buy project tokens.

When an IDO would start?

  1. Go to [link] to check the IDO date and mark your diary.

How to buy project tokens?

  1. Make sure you have enough $CAPY (not locked) in your wallet.

  2. Go to [link] to purchase project token with $CAPY when IDO sale starts.

What happens if the IDO doesn’t raise all the funds targeted?

  1. The sale will proceed as normal, and all funds contributed will be spent.

Want to launch your own IDO?

  1. Apply to launch now at [form link].

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