Capybara brings an innovative, scalable algorithm and design, low-slippage single-sided DEX on Dragon Chain backed by Kaia Chain (merge of Klaytn and Finschia)!

What makes Capybara unique?

There are four significant benefits that Capybara brings:

  1. Scalable Equilibrium: Innovate coverage-ratio-based stableswap mechanism to remove scalability barriers, which allows the possibility of achieving 100% capital utilization with no impermanent loss.

  2. Slippage minimization: Capybara adopts the asset-to-liability model; slippage is negated until higher transaction amounts are reduced when it occurs.

  3. User-Friendly UI/UX: Simple and accessible interface with pure single token pool design.

  4. Foundation for DeFi to build upon: A pure single-token pool design enables single-token LP tokens, ideal for borrowing and lending protocols and trading platforms to build on top of.

  5. Mature Environment: Kaia Chain is built for the the masses specifically for DeFi, Capybara is at where it's belonged.

  6. Solid Partner: First Kaia Chain Grant recipient: totaling $2M+ 💰

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