💰Connect Your Wallet

To get started on Capybara Exchange, you must set up a wallet that supports the following chains:

  • Kaia

You can follow the guide carefully and safely to back up your recovery phrases. The navigation bar is located at the top right corner of the page, where the “Connect Wallet” button is located. Once you click it, choose which wallet you want. Check the guide below to connect MetaMask or WalletConnect with our app.

Capybara currently supports:

  • MetaMask

  • WalletConnect

Capybara soon will support

  • OKX Wallet

We are using MetaMask and WalletConnect as examples due to their wide adoption in the crypto space. If you encounter difficulties connecting with other wallets, contact our Twitter, Telegram, or Discord team for assistance.

  1. Click the [Connect Wallet] button at the top right corner of the Capybara DApp. A pop-up will present different options for connecting your wallet. Click Metamask to proceed.

  2. Approve the connection on your Metamask wallet pop-up, and you're good to go!

Network selection

Capybara now supports Kaia. To connect to the preferred chain, follow the below instructions:

Option 1: Connect with the aid of ChainList

ChainList is a collection of EVM network configurations where you can use the information to connect your wallets to the desired chain in a few steps.

Please search for the chains we support listed above and click [Add to Metamask]. You should be able to connect to the desired Chain and start using Wombat now!

Option 2: Manually add the network to your wallet

Network Name: Kaia Chain

RPC: https://1rpc.io/klay

Chain ID: 8217


Explorer: https://klaytnscope.com/

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