EARN: How to Provide Liquidity


  1. Click the [link] to visit the pool page.

  2. Locate the pool you wish to deposit to. Expand the card and click [Liquidity].

  3. Enter the desired amount to deposit; you may also click [MAX] to deposit all your token balance.

  4. Once you have entered the amount, transaction specifics will be displayed. After inspecting all the details, click [APPROVE] and confirm the transaction in your wallet to grant Capybara access to the asset.

  5. Two options (DEPOSIT and DEPOSIT & STAKE) will be available upon approval. If you wish to provide liquidity without staking the asset, click [DEPOSIT] and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

*When the coverage ratio deviates from 1, depositors will get a deposit reward as they help converge the coverage ratio.


You can navigate the withdrawal page by clicking the toggle at the top of the window.

*Withdrawing when a pool's coverage ratio is imbalanced might result in withdrawal fees.

Withdraw In Other Assets

Capybara allows users to choose which assets they wish to withdraw from. It is equivalent to a withdrawal followed by a swap.

For example, if you have deposited USDC, you can withdraw it using the tokens of your choice, i.e., USDC or USDT.

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